Love's Price

There was a certain tomboy who fell in love,
Who knew not how her lad's heart to move,
And to which end her every thought strove.

Two courses to take, she judged, to win his awe:
Either improve her looks, go coy, play the ewe
Till he comes to realize that love doth he owe,

Or kidnap the boy, stuff him up in a damp hut,
Starve him, and threaten to turn him inside out
Unless on a love pact his signature did he put.

Her upbringing and pride ruled out the first case;
But her swift hands ruled in his abduction with ease,
By landing on his mid-skull a beautiful ceramic vase.

But when she gathered that the Superintendent of Police
Was father to her object of interest, Passion ran out juice
And Panic took its stead; time it was to pay love's price.

Love's price was exorbitant, and cost her all her dough:
Till the Superintendent felt he had enough,
Sack after overflowing sack was sent through!

1 comment:

unni krishnan said...

I applaud the effort, and more so, because it doesn't seem like you have put the effort, and that is the mark of genius.
But, I must point out the slight awkwardness I felt at the illusion of the rhyme.
Nevertheless, the poem is precise and the usage of "eye rhymes" is beautiful, and it compensates for the awkwardness, but only slightly.